THE BURN VOTE (working title)
Music and lyrics by Don and Lori Chaffer
The true story of how Harry and Febb Burn made the deciding vote for the ratification of the 19th amendment, which gave women in America the right to vote.
Commissioned by River and Rail Theater
Upcoming reading, fall 2019, World Premiere August 2020.

Music and lyrics by Don Chaffer
Additional Music by Lori Chaffer
Danderhauler Agamemnon Khrusty finally admits to himself and his brothers that he is going to quit the family band. The confession proves untimely when the next day their father and band leader is diagnosed with aggressive tongue cancer, leaving Dan the responsibility of carrying on the family legacy. Packed with dueling cowboys, flaming vans, seduction and one angelic host, Son of a Gun is a darkly comic musical that tells the tale of this wildly eccentric Appalachian family. (5M, 2W)
Eugene O’Neill National Music Theater Conference—(directed by Gabriel Barre)
The Drama League and Firebone Theatre—New Directors New Works reading
Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater with Firebone Theatre—concert reading
Firebone Theatre showcase production at The Beckett at Theater Row
Vineyard Arts Project—reading at Public Theater writers retreat
International Arts Movement conference presentation 2013
"...grace, charm, and a kickass score that will leave you singing all the way home."

Music and Lyrics by Don and Lori Chaffer of Waterdeep
Tells the human story of the biblical Mary and Joseph of the traditional Christmas tale. (2M, 2W)
Commissioned by Pacific Theatre, Vancouver
NYC Fringe Festival Summer 2016
River and Rail Theater, Knoxville, 2016
Staged Reading presented by the Olmsted Salon September 2015, NYC
River and Rail Theater, Knoxville and OKC 2017
River and Rail Theater tour 2018
“...enough for this godless pessimist to crack several smiles and even, impossibly, tap my feet...This folks, is one of Fringe’s best. It’s smart, it’s polished, it’s honest. ” Theater is Easy
“This retelling is fresh and...brimming with humor” OnStageBlog
"The magic in the air was palpable." Knoxville Mercury

Music by Michael Castillejos
Lyrics by Michael Castillejos and Chris Cragin-Day
Book adapted by Chris Cragin-Day
A musical adaptation of Oscar Wilde's fairy tale, The Selfish Giant. (2W, 1M)
Developmental History:
Presented in Firebone Theatre's Long Long Ago Festival of Fairy Tales
Presented at the Center for Faith and Work Conference 2014

Music and Lyrics by Don Chaffer of Waterdeep
The Ludwick family is on the way to some hard-to-come-by family time when they are killed in a car crash. Kind of. Actually, they all become zombies. Before they even understand what's happened, they're whisked away by the badass leader of the non-flesh eating zombie collective--that's the kind of zombie trying to prevent apocalypse. Chaos ensues as the family begins their quest to come out on the other side of undeadness by reaching personal catharsis. (4M, 3W)
Firebone Theatre and Creative Arts Initiative reading, summer 2018

A GIRL NAMED ESTHER  (Play with Music)
Music by Jonathan Roberts
Lyrics by Jonathan Roberts and Emily Claire Zemple
The story of a young behavioral psychologist, Esther, who, in a desperate attempt to wake her mother up from a coma, forces herself to read the ancient story of Queen Esther aloud to her mother--a story Esther hates but her mother loves. As she revisits the story of her namesake it takes hold of her until she finds herself face to face with the woman who was challenged by the same question she now faces--can I trust him? (1W, 1M)
E.P.M. Collective and Spark and Echo Arts (Baltimore)—Production

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