A Feminist Aesthetic

An hour long lecture that responds to the famous Nochlin essay, “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists.” It begins with the statistics from The Sands Study and The Count regarding women playwrights, and then shifts to stories from my own journey as a woman playwright. The lecture was developed for an Aesthetic Philosophy class at Temple University in Philadelphia, where I presented it as a guest speaker.

What Does It Mean To Be Human Now, and Why We All Need Theater

This is a lecture I developed for non-theater people that begins with Aristotle and ends with stories from my own experiences of how theater can teach us about our own humanity. This lecture was developed for a parents weekend event at The King’s College, NYC.

How Does my Art Influence my Faith

A thirty minute lecture that attempts to flip the question, “How does your faith influence your art,” which is always asked to me in faith communities, on its head. In this context, I describe how my journey as an artist has shaped my faith. This presentation was developed for and first presented at Oklahoma Baptist University.